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Getting Started Raising Funds

 Choose Your Approach

It’s easy to seek pledges that will make all your miles matter—there’s at least one way to suit everyone’s style! If Seattle’s your area and cycling’s your specialty, you can always help by participating in Native Planet Outdoor Club fundraising rides or on Cascades Bicycling Club’s rides with their Pedal Power program.

You’re not limited just to these rides or even just to cycling, though, you can have fun while raising funds in every other sporting event, too. Our page on offers templates, emails, pledge sheets and other important resources for effective cyber-fundraising. If the personal touch is better for you, we’ve also put together a toolkit that will help you enjoy your friends and family while helping us help Native Planet.

We do need your help to fundraise effectively, so we want to show you our appreciation by offering chances to win great prizes by becoming one of our top fundraisers*! Included will be unique professional photographs from Native Planet Images’ amazing gallery as well as Native Planet jerseys…and more.

* To be eligible for first prize, the winning fundraiser must raise a minimum of $1,000 in pledges; second prize, $500 or more and places three through five, $195+.


Check our list of important cycling events in the Pacific Northwest for new cycling challenges.


The Native Planet Classic offers spectacular mountain scenery, an intense physical challenge, first-class food and excellent support. Join us on June 26, 2010 and read stories, info and view photos from 2006 - 2009.

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