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Native Planet Racing Cycling Team:

The NP Racing Team is a small group of cyclists from the Native Planet Outdoor Club that is focused on improving speed and cycling skills by riding from a high brisk to a super-strenuous level. Some members of the racing team enter races together wearing our designed kit. NPOC is not a racing club*—our emphasis is on FUN and you need not race to participate in our fast-pace training program.

Our local training utilizes weekly hilly rides. We start the season with base-training and move up to a high-brisk to super-strenuous pace by spring. On weekends, we do longer, high elevation-gain rides throughout the state of Washington. We love mountain passes!

Contact us to ride with the NP Racing Team.

*Note: The Native Planet Outdoor Club is not a racing club; we are a recreational club open to all cyclists, regardless of their level of accomplishment. A few members have gathered to create a racing team to bridge the gap between recreational cycling and the pursuit of higher self-performance. Each participant is solely responsible for his or her racing team participation and the recreational NPOC takes no responsibility or liability for members participating in races or any other third-party sanctioned events.


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